What languages works with Wonderads?

We currently support English and German. Other language are under development.

Do I need a Google Ads account?

Yes you need a Google Ads account. Read here an article on how to sign up for google ads.

Do I need Google Analytics to use WonderAds?

Wonderads doesn’t need a connection to Google Analytics.

Why I can not connect the Google Ads Account?

If you can’t connect your already created Google Ads account, please check if adblocks, ghostery, noscript or similar are deactivated.

Does Wonderads affect my existing campaigns?

We’re pausing your current campaigns. Don’t worry you can reactivate them at any time.

How do I install Wonderads for Shopify?

Visit the Shopify App-Store and click “Add App”. Then please follow the instructions. A more detailed tutorial can be found here.

Can I use Wonderads to promote multiple website URLs?

You can manage one shop/URL per app installation.