Creating Google ads is not always easy for unexperienced users. The Google interface initially seems very complex with its innumerable settings, campaigns, ads, keywords and so on.

From our own experience we know that Google Ads users often make the same mistakes that often lead to the marketing budget not being spent optimally or in the worst case even a lot of money being burned without any success.

Often shop operators have no other choice than to handle Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) themselves, because they have no one in their group of friends who knows the settings of Google Ads well and an agency is often very expensive.

The Shopify app „Wonderads“ is supposed to change that now. With a small price and a large range of functions especially for e-commerce companies, Wonderads is specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized e-commerce companies on Shopify.

How does the app work?

Shopify allows the Wonderads app secure access to the shop’s product data. Based on this data, the Wonderads system can automatically create high-quality ads on Google using a smart combination of specific product features, categories or product names.

To get the most out of your marketing budget, the Wonderads app always focuses on the best performing campaigns on your account and constantly optimizes them. This optimization is based on a continuous calculation of the success of your Google Ads campaigns. The longer you use the Wonderads app, the better your account will be and the less you have to spend in marketing to sell your products.

What do I have to consider in my Shopify Shop?

Since the Wonderads App is based on the product data in the Shopify Shop, it is important that these are maintained very well. The following product data are particularly important:

  • A meaningful product name (e.g. a combination of brand name, product category, model name of the product, color of the product)
  • Well-filled product properties (e.g. colour, brand, size, weight, shape, etc.)
  • Categories (In Shopify these are called Product Types)

Also read this article to understand how to correctly fill the product features in Shopify:

What are the benefits of Wonderads?

Probably the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to deal with the complex world of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) yourself. You don’t run the risk of wasting your marketing budget on keywords that your potential buyer isn’t looking for.

Another big advantage is that you always get the latest features with Wonderads. Google often changes campaign settings or adds exciting new features. As a member of the Wonderads community, you’ll always get the latest features, insights, and learnings from the data of all connected stores.

Behind the Wonderads app is a team of experienced technology and marketing nerds. We take a close look at each account before it goes live and correct any errors in the automated creation process manually.

We are constantly developing the tool further and always stay up to date with the latest trends. As a shop owner you will hardly have time to do this and you should be able to concentrate on what you are really good at – selling products. Leave the marketing without bad conscience simply to the professionals, who know about it.

How does the setup process work?

The Wonderads App is very easy to install and requires no marketing knowledge. The registration process will guide you through some questions so that we understand which products you want to sell to which target group. We also learn about your shop and what makes it unique to communicate this in the ads.

After you have answered all the questions and told us what budget you would like to spend each month, the app starts to create the campaigns and calculate your budget.

Even in an automated process, mistakes can happen. Especially since our app uses data from your shop that may be incorrect or not well maintained. Therefore, all created campaigns are manually checked before they go live in your Google Ads account. This process can take up to 4 days as we also like to do weekends. However, our goal is for you to have your ads live within one day.