Adding a new product to your Shopify shop is very easy. Shopify itself has created this helpful video:

You can find detailed instructions on how to create a new product here:

In order for Wonderads to work best for your Shopify store, please note the following tips:

Product type:

The product type is the category of your product. Here you should use a term that is as familiar as possible for your product. It should fit very well to your product. For example, if you sell honey in your online shop and you add a blossom honey as a new product, then name the product type „blossom honey“.

Add Product Type in Shopify

Add Product Type in Shopify



Vendor is the manufacturer of the product in Shopify. If you sell products of well-known brands, you should add the brand name here. For example, if you sell Nike running shoes, enter „Nike“ as Vendor.
If you make the products yourself, enter your own brand name here.

Add vendor in Shopify

Add vendor in Shopify



Collections can be understood as a navigation element within your shop. In a collection you can combine several products or categories.

Here is an example: If you sell bikes in your shop, you have several categories (Shopify calls this product type). For example, these could be men’s bicycles, women’s bicycles or children’s bicycles. You can collect these categories in the Bicycle Collection. However, you can also collect individual products in a collection. For example, you can only collect green bikes in a collection. Find out more about Collections in this video: